Yoga Therapy with Torrey Baldwin, M.A.

If your body could talk to you right now, what would it say?

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) is a experiential practice that weaves together guided meditation, assisted movement and postures, and therapeutic dialogue in a one-on-one session. It offers the opportunity to explore what’s happening in your body and other layers of your being, and apply this insight to your daily life.

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Why PRYT?  Current psychological research recognizes how emotions and experience can be held in the body, while traditional yoga philosophy describes the interconnectedness of the body, breath, mind, and other layers, or "sheaths" of the self. Bringing awareness to physical sensations can help clients to access internal wisdom and deep healing to which the analytic mind doesn't yet have access. In my own life, I have been awed by how deeply this particular style of yoga therapy has supported me to connect with profound levels levels of knowing within and around myself. It supports my own health and personal growth on a daily basis, and I feel privileged to be able to share it with others in the four corners.

How is this style of Yoga Therapy unique?  The Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy approach is client-centered, and trusts clients to recognize their own needs and edges.  As opposed to modalities like physical therapy, it does not involve diagnoses or prescriptions of treatment. Instead, I support clients to connect to the wisdom they already carry within themselves, beneath the conscious level. At the end of the session, I guide clients to distill this understanding into a form they can take forward into daily life.

Is PRYT right for you?  This work is for anyone who is ready to take charge of their own well-being and turn inward to explore their mind-body environment. Experience with yoga or meditation is not necessary; nor is any particular physical state or level of conditioning. This work is not appropriate for those with active psychosis.

Session Details:  Sessions are one-on-one between practitioner and client and last 90 minutes. Sessions are $90/90 min; Introductory Special: 2 for 1. I currently offer sessions in outdoor settings, or at private residences within a half-hour of Durango.

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Yoga Therapy may lead to such benefits as

• Increased creativity, joy, and peace 

• Clarity of goals and direction 

• Insight into life issues and patterns

• Release of fears, anxieties, and stress

• Physical relief of pain or tension 

• Transformation of self-limiting beliefs

• Greater emotional stability and mental clarity

• Profound relaxation



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