Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet confinement of your aloneness to learn anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you.
— David Whyte

Young Adult Vision Fast Retreat   

Recommended for ages 18 & up

Upcoming Programs:

This camp has concluded, and our programs are currently on hiatus; please contact us to receive information about future programming.

Tuition: $1295 (additional $350 for 3 organic meals/day & $140 for camping fees & permits) 

Deposit: $300 (Non-refundable unless vision fast is cancelled)

Location: Durango, CO

Programs limited to 10 participants.


A young adult is someone on the brink of adulthood, in the process of asking and answering questions about themselves and the world in preparation for acting out their unique gifts in the world. Why are we on this earth? Who are we meant to be as adults in this world? What is the one thing that only we can do? This is the reason that many people in cultures around the world step out of society into the wild: to connect deeply with themselves and the earth and bring back a mission that will guide their lives and their contribution to community.

The vision fast is an ancient tradition, used across cultures specifically to help participants answer these questions. It is an initiation, ushering participants forward into another stage of life, and can often involve alternate states of reality, experiences of deep connection and awareness, and profound insight. It stands in contrast to the rites of passage espoused by our culture: obtaining a driver's license, graduation, permission to buy alcohol, loss of virginity, career advancement, et cetera. Our culture assumes that these should provide us with the sufficient tools to become fully-realized adults, leading whole and fulfilling lives. However, they often lack the depth that is needed for meaningful life transition; “adults" are often left with lack of direction, looking to money and power to fill the void. The vision fast is one powerful answer to our modern disconnection with ourselves and the surrounding world.

This two-week experiential retreat is a unique opportunity to learn about and experience the power of a vision fast, in a form that blends ancient and modern practices, and with like-minded young adults in a similar stage of life.  It will include a full week of preparation, during which time you will live outside in community, share intentions, and learn techniques and skills useful for making full use of time alone in the wilderness. You will learn how to form a relationship with your surroundings and perhaps even hear its whispered wisdom. You will learn to feel and, more importantly, trust your intuition. You will be introduced to a variety of yoga and meditation techniques that you can use on the vision fast and in daily living. Throughout this week, we will also step back to look at the history and scope of these practices, and what it means for us to apply them to our lives.

You are committing to then spending three days and nights alone among the high peaks of the San Juan National Forest, sacrificing comforts in exchange for insight and heightened connection to self and the natural world. The specifics of your "fast" will depend on your personal needs and experience, but will likely include abstinence from human contact, four-walled shelter, and food. This unforgettable experience will create the possibility for genuine change in your life as you are tested to be with yourself: the scariest place you have to venture.

You will come back from your solo time as a new person, with a powerful story that you will share and have witnessed in a group council ceremony.  The last three days will involve celebration and integration of what you have received, and figuring out next steps. What was this experience? How will you bring your new understanding back into your world?  How will it weave into and direct your life moving forward?  A vision fast isn’t just about introspection, but is a ceremony that ultimately leads to action.  It prepares us to act out our purpose and be in the world in a more connected, true way.  We are excited to share these practices and support and honor the unique gifts of the young adults who choose to participate and challenge themselves through this experience.

These two weeks will be held and facilitated by Torrey Baldwin, M.A. and Zachary Fischer, along with two assistant guides. All are WFR certified and have extensive experience and training.   Please contact us with questions about this program: we are happy to speak with you by phone or connect over e-mail.