I had the honor and the privilege to experience firsthand the indescribable talents of Zach and Torrey Fischer, which undoubtably helped save my life. I spent three months in the Utah and Colorado wilderness learning, sharing, and growing with both of them as guides. The healing power of nature is in itself undeniable, but it takes a special kind of guide to combine this power with the human element to create lasting change. I am struggling to find the words to express my eternal gratitude for Zach and Torrey. Thank you.
— Bradley Callow, student
Zach and Torrey are both seasoned wilderness guides. They make learning fun, engagiving, alive, heartful, and connected to the moment and the natural world. Their awareness of each individual with whom they work is intricate and deep. They are wise and generous in their offerings to individuals and highly skilled at connecting individuals to themselves and the natural world.
— Rebecca Wildbear, Vision Quest and Soul Guide, Animas Valley Institute, and Creator of Wild Yoga Journey
Witnessing Zach and Torrey facilitate nature awareness and rites of passage ceremonies, it is immediately evident why so many young adults are left forever transformed and inspired by these experiences. Zach and Torrey are incredibly skilled at guiding young adults to connect with the essential self that is truly found and remembered in the authentic and visceral connection with nature. They are also very relatable facilitators, and their sense of humor brings a lightness and joy to the whole experience of exploring new edges in personal awareness.
— Sara Arredondo, Vision Quest Guide and Mentor