Teen Wilderness Camp

Ages: Middle School Camp: 12-14 years; High School Camp: 14-18 years

Dates: This camp has concluded, and our programs are currently on hiatus; please contact us to receive information about future programming.

Tuition: $495, includes organic meals and camping fees. Please contact us to inquire about scholarships.

Deposit: $75 (Non-refundable unless camp is cancelled)

Location: Top of the Pines, CO (at the base of Mt. Sneffels) 

Limited to 16 participants.


What level of confidence do most of us feel in the wilderness? Can we set up a shelter, cook a meal, and sleep soundly on a forest floor? Who can walk confidently through the dark, aware of the meanings of the surrounding animal sounds and the rustle of leaves? What few have the privilege of being able to create fire from sticks, a meal from the surrounding flora, and a shelter from the foliage?

For most of human history, these were the basic skills of every human being on planet earth, and necessary as we left childhood and gained more self-sufficiency. Now, these abilities are rare, while most adolescents can send a text and surf youtube videos. Reclaiming the ability to survive and thrive in the wild can help teenagers gain a sense of confidence, awareness, and connection.

This co-ed, 4-day, 3-night experiential camp offers practical tools that teens can apply in and out of the wilderness. Through activities, classes, one-on-ones, and groups, they gain skills that few of us in our culture today are privileged enough to possess. At the conclusion of the camp, families are encouraged to join us for a potluck and circle as participants share their experience.

FOR PARTICIPANTS: In this wilderness camp, you learn how to feel comfortable in the woods, at ease with basic outdoor living. You are guided upon arrival by four experienced staff on how to set up a shelter and sleeping space, cook delicious food over a fire, find your way, and more.

Beyond these skills, you start to train your mind and body to move through the wilderness undetected, recognize and follow animal tracks, understand the language of the birds, and find your way with (and without!) a map and compass. You learn survival techniques and crafts like making friction fire and cordage and identifying edible and poisonous plants. You begin to awaken a deep awareness of yourself and your unique relationship to others and the surrounding world. 

Join us for this extraordinary opportunity to step into the wilderness!

Staffing and Supervision: This program offers unparalleled support from by a comprehensive and experienced four-person staff. Similar programs offer a 5:1 student to staff ratio; we have set our ratio significantly lower to enable personalized attention and flexibility. Genders are supervised and sleep in separate areas, and for much of each day, participants will be split into 2 or more small groups along gender and/or interest lines as they are guided through a variety of in depth activities. 

Guides: Torrey Baldwin, Zachary Fischer, Madeline Allen (Telluride Girl Scouts), and Sara Papathakis (Animas Valley Institute)