Our programs are held in the four corners area of the Southwest, where forests of Ponderosa Pine on rugged mountains meet strikingly beautiful high-elevation deserts and deep canyons. We currently utilize the wealth of public and private land available in this region, including campgrounds, national forest, local parks, and backyard wilderness. We strive to view our relationship with land as just that: a relationship. One in which we receive many gifts, and in turn, we leave places better than we found them. 

Due to permitting concerns, we are always looking for private land on which to hold our offerings. Please contact us if you are open to hosting one or more of our programs or workshops; we would love to devise a creative and mutually-beneficial arrangement. Regarding long-term plans, we are also on the lookout for a site to call home and share with community. Our hope is to find a space on which to create a retreat center where people of all ages can connect with one another and the natural world. This land will serve as a base for future experiential offerings. Please let us know if you have just the place in mind or are interested in contributing to or sharing this dream.